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Tips for Selling During the Holidays

Stage for the Season – Embrace the holiday spirit but keep decorations minimal and tasteful. It’ll help buyers imagine their own holidays in the home. Try to avoid overly personalized or religious-themed decor.

Highlight Coziness & Comfort – The holidays are about warmth and comfort. Make sure the home feels welcoming during showings. Simple things like adjusting the thermostat, lighting up the fireplace, or having warm tone lighting.

Flexible Showing Times – The holidays are busy for everyone, so be flexible with showing times. Try to be as accommodating as possible to buyers’ schedules. This can be the significant difference in selling time and price.

High Quality Videos, Photos, & Ads – With colder weather and busy schedules, more buyers are likely to search for homes online. Ensure your home stands out with professional media, well written description, and a narrative that highlights features that are compelling to the ideal buyer.

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